Patients 65 and older with two or more Chronic Conditions may qualify through a proven Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program.  These programs provide many benefits for patient engagement. 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is designed to remotely support your health and well-being through virtual check-ins to identify concerns and risks in real time. Also known as Virtual Assisted Living or “VAL” technology is here to support proactive interventions customized just for you.

Your Healthcare Provider will guide you and explain how beneficial our “VAL” services are for managing your Chronic Conditions. Your signed consent form will officially enroll you on this incredibly life changing program.

A personalized Clinical Care Coordination Team, selected by your Doctor, will be assembled to work collaboratively and keep you on track of your goals and objectives, while managing your chronic conditions. Your Account, Care Plan, and Scheduled Surveys will be established with remote access to the practice EMR along with Care Alert Settings will allow your team to provide real time alerts to your providers’ office staff. For successful analytics, all devices and software (VAL Device-Optimized Care Kit) will be tailored specifically for you.

Once completed, your VAL Device-Optimized Care Kit (VDOCK) will be delivered to your Healthcare Provider for final inspection and approval. An assigned Care Coordinator will schedule an in-office visit or bring your personalized “VDOCK” directly to your home.

Your clinical excellence Care Coordinator will teach you how to set-up and use each device. This tutorial will allow you to become familiar with each devices’ functions… No matter how much time is needed.

Each device communicates with the tablet and has its own unique, easy-to-use set of navigation tools, designed to ensure proper transmission of ALL Vitals readings. These readings will be sent directly to your Care Coordination Team via your in-home Wifi or pre-set 4G Cellular Service.

download VAL device brochure

1. Gently step on your scale or perform the functions of any other device provided.

2. Check to see if the readings displayed on your device matches the reading displayed on the screen of your tablet.

3. Select “YES” if they match (If the readings don’t match, do not be concerned. Simply perform the functions again, making sure you apply the procedure as recommended by your Care Coordinator).

4. All readings should now communicate accurately.

Upon completion, all of your Vitals readings will be transmitted to your Care Coordination Team, who will Remotely Monitor the results for consistencies or irregularities.

Your scheduled 
Survey will be sent to you as part of your customized Care Plan. Answers to the Survey Questions along with your Vitals Readings are synced and compared to your Predetermined Alerts.

collection of information will all be monitored and analyzed in realtime to proactively and virtually enable your Care Coordination Team to triage high risk conditions with successful clinical pathways. Additional “VAL” care support features allow you to make Video Calls or send Texts or Email messages directly through your tablet to your Healthcare Provider or Clinical Care Coordinator.
VAL is your solution to Remote and Virtual Care, enabling collaborative clinical support to help you actively manage your health while improving your quality of life.

Empowers Patients

Patients can manage their own care right at home. With all the information at their fingertips and the ease of contacting their caregivers, patients now have the confidence to succeed.

Delivers Personalized Care

Easy adjustments to in-home care programs means that each patient gets exactly the help they need.

Risk Avoidance

Caregivers get early warnings when a patient is having trouble – meaning, they can intervene early and reduce the likelihood of an unwanted ER visit or readmission.

Standardizes Care

Quantitative data from many patients leads to data-driven improvements in standardized care.

Better Prepares Patients

Direct access to multimedia education, plus automated reminders would ensure patients are better prepared.