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cosán attracts NYU wagner MHA and MPA students

Special thanks to the NYU Wagner and their wonderful team for having us yesterday.  We had the pleasure of introducing Cosán Group to their talented MPA & MHA programs on our expanding organization and exciting remote career opportunities.

tips for breast cancer screening and prevention

Prevention Breast cancer affects over 200,000 women a year in the United States. There are many different kinds of breast cancer, and all of them can be developed by both women and men. For more information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, check out Cosán’s Guide to Breast Cancer: Common Symptoms and Signs.…
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driving successful aging in place with remote technologies and services

By David Hunt, Cosán Group Originally featured on Health I.T. Outcomes. Introduction Seniors seem to be top of mind for entities across the healthcare spectrum these days. With provider budgets stretched, and payer reimbursements shrinking, many are viewing senior care as a market segment that presents a rare opportunity. The market is only growing, too.…
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understanding family health history

As many of us anticipate a holiday season separated from our family members, the connections between family have become more valuable than ever. In terms of health, understanding our genetic and familial history is very important when making health decisions. Genetics can make one predisposed to some diseases and conditions, while the mental, physical, and…
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