the update: merger announcement – cosán group, llc & ccm inc.

the update: merger announcement – cosán group, llc & ccm inc.

MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY – Cosán Group LLC, a leading innovator in the healthcare industry, known for delivering a practice and patient-centric approach to Preventative Care Services, is announcing today it has merged with Chronic Care Management Inc. (CCM Inc.). Success in technology-driven analytics of high-risk patients at CCM Inc. brings a multifaceted and strategic support system to Cosán. Now formally united as Cosán, the integrated solution is structured to deliver value to care providers through technology-driven, evidence-based assessments that enable population risk stratification. This enhanced technology suite, coupled with the Cosán high-touch patient engagement service focus, drives awareness and outcomes while increasing practice revenue.

With this merger, the organization touches over 160,000 lives across a national physician practice footprint with patients residing in their homes, independent, assisted, and skilled nursing facilities. Prior to COVID-19, and even more critical during the crisis and in the future, Remote Virtual Care Coordination will be a major requirement for physicians, patients, and healthcare systems. Leveraging the foundational benefits of Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs, along with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and in alignment with existing home-based services, the new entity has the ability, in collaboration with providers, to significantly impact patient care. Cosán offers a range of customer options from full-service to SaaS and a hybrid solution.
Backed by leading healthcare investors, Ziegler Link-age and Generator Ventures, we have a vision to improve our evolving healthcare industry by transforming the way care is managed and directed based using risk stratification and real time patient engagement to support proactive clinical interventions.

About Cosán
 Cosán, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination.


Dan Hirschfeld
Chief Executive Officer

David Hunt
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer