the update: cosán group llc partners with us pac llc

the update: cosán group llc partners with us pac llc

MOORESTOWN, NJ – Cosán Group LLC, a leading innovator in the healthcare industry, known for delivering a practice and patient-centric approach to Preventative Care Services, announced today the alliance with US Post Acute Care LLC, (US PAC) a management services organization for post-acute medical services. The Cosán business management and analytics suite equips US PAC clinical team with real-time data to enhance and meet today’s challenges in high risk care delivery across their facilities.

About Cosán

Cosán’s technology-driven preventative care suite presents the US PAC clinical team with a snapshot of each patient’s health status in between visits through evidence-based risk assessments, chart reviews, and remote interviews. Integrating with US PAC SmartPAC™️clinical metrics reporting program, Cosán equips the attending clinician with a comprehensive, fully integrated care plan with risk scores and key patient data points. Informed with all relevant patient health data required for proactive clinical interventions, administrative burdens are reduced and clinicians experience more efficient patient interactions – a significant metric for both, demonstrating improved patient outcomes and facility value.

Cosán, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination.

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About US Post Acute Care

US Post Acute Care, is a premier physician-led clinical practice group dedicated exclusively to the medical care of patients in the post-acute setting. National in scope, US Post Acute Care is focused on the delivery of high quality care to patients in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and other sites of care for patients discharged from the hospital. US Post Acute Care designed and utilizes a proprietary clinical excellence program called SmartPACTM, a comprehensive clinical program for post-acute care enabling our clinical teams to improve patient outcomes and their quality of care.

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Dave Hunt
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Cosán Group LLC

Todd J. Kislak
US Post Acute Care LLC