When I called this month to check on my patient Cynthia, she was having difficulty speaking with me and running out of breath.

She managed to explain her situation and I emailed Dr. Taylor. He was aware of her condition and was going to write the order for her oxygen. Through belabored breathing, Cynthia said her oxygen was 84 and that really scared her. She even admitted being afraid to go to sleep because she was terrified she was going to stop breathing.

Promising her I’d help her secure an oxygen concentrator and after many hurdles and follow ups’ over the week, I was able to get her a temporary tank with Lincare, just to get her through the weekend. I spoke with her Friday as she was picking up her temporary oxygen, then called her again this morning.

She sounded 100% better and was able to speak without being winded. She went to Dr. Taylor this morning to get her permanent Lincare set up. She thanked me for all the help I had provided last week and very appreciative for me doing all I did to help her.

– Kelly

When I called my new patient, Ronnie this morning, he expressed a bit of concern.

He had a lot of questions about the program which we discussed in detail. He said our conversation put his mind at ease because he was questioning the validity. Afterwards, Ronnie admitted to having a bad day regarding the severity of pain he was feeling. I took notes and promised to follow up with his doctor and be in touch with him soon.

He said it really helped to just have someone to talk to and that really lifted my spirits to know my patients are cared for. 

– Kelly

Today, I spoke with Georgia.

She told me that her daughter tested positive for Covid-19 this morning and didn’t know where to go to get tested herself. I found the Baptist Health Corona Virus Care Clinic phone number and website for her in Montgomery. I gave her the information and also told her that Dr. Taylor’s office has been doing Covid testing as well.

She was very grateful for my help because she had no idea where to go for help.

– Kelly

Today, I spoke with Ruth’s caregiver, Tanya.

She expressed concern over Ruth’s unsuitable housing. She stated that the mobile home she is living in is not safe and is trying to find her a safe home with no stairs. She says she has had no luck and needs someone to help her.
I looked online and found a Council on Aging service in Alabama. Based on the website, this agency appeared to be a suitable source for finding Ms. Clayton housing. If they couldn’t, they would certainly be able to direct Tanya to the Agency that might be able help.

She was extremely grateful for my helping her and pointing her in the right direction.

– Kelly

Spoke with Daniel today who has prostate cancer and is concerned because he has not been able to have cryosurgery done since the pandemic.

He also suffers from anxiety that can be severe at times. I spoke with him at great length today, initially about the program and how it can help him. Then as we began talking about his conditions and medications, he seemed to cheer up.
We spoke for quite a while about how much he likes riding his bike and working on his hobbies. As we were ending the call, he told me that he was really glad I had called him today. It really cheered him up and he was very happy to have someone to talk to. He even apologized for taking up so much of my time, which I assured him was perfectly okay. I explained to him that I would be calling again next month and he was thrilled we would have another chance to talk again.

At least for today, I feel like I made a difference for him.

– Kelly