phc of pinellas

I called my patient, Darryl from PHC to discuss our Care Management Program and to get consent for enrollment.

After a thorough explanation of Cosan’s CCM Program, Darryl mentioned that he was in a program similar to this about a year and a half ago. He really thought it was a great program and that it was very helpful to him. Having heard the program’s similarities, he was thrilled to give his consent to enroll in Cosan’s CCM Program. Darryl was so happy to just have a conversation and said he was lonely and liked to go out to eat just to socialize, but with the Covid restrictions in place, he felt disconnected.

Reassuring him we’re here for him any time, he thanked me for my call and for listening. He was very sweet and enjoyed our entire conversation. I’m always happy to know I’ve helped patients manage their care with this program. The cherry on top is knowing that my conversation and taking the time to listen to them, possibly means just as much and sometimes more.

This kind of response makes my day and my career so worth it!

– Christine

Charles and Janice are husband and wife who were both on the fence about signing up for our CCM program.

Charles signed up first, but was close to his wits end and felt he didn’t have time for the program as he is his wife’s only caregiver. Feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed, he called the next day to opt-out of the program. I explained how we could help and how much his health mattered to us.

Believing we could work as a great team, making certain Janice was cared for, I contacted my director who assisted me in coordinating between the office and the patient. I was able to bring Charles a list of resources, and though he has not taken me up on them yet, he was so happy to know someone cared and opted back into the program. Now, Janice has joined the program and she also consented to have her husband speak on her behalf, during days when she felt too drained to communicate (due to her current health treatment).

This beautiful couple is the perfect example of how CCM can help patients and their caregivers.

– Kathryn