Mr. Knott notified me on our call today, he lost/misplaced his sleeping medication.

He and his wife had looked everywhere and just couldn’t find it. Mrs. Knott called the practice on behalf of her husband prior to my call to let them know what had happened. They were hoping that the doctor could refill his medication. When I followed up with Mr. Knott on Monday, he said he hadn’t hear back. I called the practice as I could see that the action note was still open, but not resolved yet. The message was given to the doctor and Mr. Knott was able to get his medication refilled. I called back after and spoke with Mrs. Knott, who thanked me for helping to get this resolved.

Sometimes these small tasks make a world of difference and makes me enjoy the help I’m able to provide to my patients.

– Jeannie

My patient suffers with memory issues due to a cyst on his brain which occasionally causes seizures.

He stated that his live-in girlfriend has been keeping a running log of his episodes because he quickly forgets they’ve even happened and have been occurring more frequently. He also has had increased ringing in his ears and was going to wait until his next appointment, which was more than a month away.

I contacted the office and they reached out to the patient and were able to get him in with his neurologist sooner than scheduled. Without making contact, the patient would have likely waited to handle the increasing seizures/tinnitus that could potentially be a serious issue.

I feel so grateful to have the trust of my patients in helping them get the best care available.

– Michelle

I had a great conversation with my patient, today!

We connected on her new weekly cooking sessions which she’s been enjoying over Zoom with her granddaughter. She was excited to share starting Yoga classes outside, which I absolutely love and bonded with her on!
Even better, she expressed how happy and thankful she is for our services and wanted more information emailed so she may get her husband involved in our CCM services as well. I let her know I would reach out to see what could be done and would be back in touch with her. I followed through with Melinda and she was able to get everything set up.

When I called back to let her know we had taken care of it, she was so happy and grateful. I love that she is happy with what we do and wanted this for her husband as well!

– Charlene

I spoke with John today who was concerned about what appeared to be hives, welts, and itchy skin.

Upon questioning, he mentioned recently starting a new medication. I advised, it might be possible for this to be the cause for his symptoms.

I contacted the practice and they decided what his course of action should be. John was thrilled and thanked me for helping him resolve this issue.

I’m so happy I could help and offer him some peace of mind.

– Jeannie

The last time I spoke with my patient Debbie, she had an infection.

I told her at that time she could visit the Matthews-Vu Urgent care to be seen between the hours of operation listed. When I spoke with her today, she called me a lifesaver, because she went to the urgent care the next day and was seen promptly. She said they prescribed medication to help clear up her ongoing infection.

She told me that if it wasn’t for our last call she might have been still struggling with the infection and it probably would have worsened. She is so thankful for the CCM services provided and looks forward to her next call.

– Tristan