On a recent call with my patient Michael, he expressed how pleased his daughter was with our communication.

She helps care for him and is relieved to have someone she can reach out to directly if she has any concerns.

This made my day knowing my patient was happy with his care and the services we’re providing, but also that his daughter knows she and her dad have help. I was so thankful for the feedback and look forward to our next follow up call.

– Melisa

My patient’s POA, Sarah is very pleased to know that I am here to help.

She expressed how appreciative she was of me for calling back and getting my patient’s needs taken care of.

I always love hearing that I’m helping my patients and their families get through tough times.

– Melisa

On behalf of our entire family, we would like to thank you for the amazing care that you provided for Vesa.

He has arrived back in Boston and is home safe. We realize that your jobs are not easy with your patients and their families, especially during this time of COVID. We have appreciated the open communications and high level of care provided for dad. Most of all, we appreciate all of YOU!

You were there when we couldn’t be. He is a pretty important guy to us. Thank you for taking care of him!

– Laura

For three weeks my patient was without her medication and couldn’t understand why.

She was very frustrated when I contacted her because she has limited mobility and wasn’t receiving any answers. As routine, she had requested her medication to be delivered to the assisted living facility where she resides. But on this occasion she still hadn’t received anything. I told her not to worry, I would do everything I could to help her. I called the pharmacy and confirmed it was delivered, then called the ALF to make sure they had received the delivery, only to find out that it was still at the front desk because no one had taken it to her.

Upon learning of my efforts and discovery, my patient, crying tears of joy, expressed her utmost gratitude, as she had been trying to get this situation resolved on her own and having no success. It was something very small for me, but a huge deal for her, and every time I talk to her she reminds me of that day!

– Alyson