griffin family medicine

I spoke with my patient Talmadge today.

He said he had no concerns, but was so thrilled that I called because he’s been staying in due to Covid and not socializing much at all.

“It’s just so nice to have someone to talk to,” he told me. He was so grateful just to chat about the weather and what is happening with Covid. I could hear his mood shift throughout the duration of our conversation.

I know he appreciated the call very much and is looking forward to next month’s check in.

– Heather

Today, I spoke with Natasha, my patient’s caregiver about my concerns over my patient possibly having COPD exacerbation with a lingering cough and shortness of breath.

Natasha agreed and requested a portable oxygen machine and a nebulizer.

Natasha and I agreed, I would call the provider’s office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible for the patient. I made a note to follow up soon.

– Lorrie

I called Milton today ahead of our scheduled check in.

He didn’t have anything to share, but was so happy I gave him a ring. He doesn’t really talk to anyone and it was nice to have someone to talk to who cared. He thanked me and told me how much he appreciated me calling to check in on him.

I was so happy to be there for him and look forward to our next call!

– Kelly

My patient from Dr. Griffin’s office had received a pain management referral the last time we spoke.

On this call, I followed up on it, but my patient hadn’t heard back yet. I left a note with the office for an update and to coordinate getting the ball rolling. My patient was pleased to know I provided help checking on this process.

She also mentioned Ambien was added to her medication routine to help with her sleep. She admitted it did help, somewhat, but still couldn’t sleep through the night. She asked for a dosage increase which I noted with the office who was already looking into getting her a sleep study analysis for sleep apnea.

My patient appreciated my follow-up on these things and stated she looked forward to speaking with me again in the future.

– Sharon

Today I called my patient from Dr. Griffin’s office.

He didn’t need anything in particular and was doing very well. He could not thank us enough for our calls to him every month! He said it makes him feel even more connected to his physician and his medical care in general.

He was extremely thankful for all we do for him and other patients as well.

– Sharon