community medical

On a routine call to one of my patients, I noticed he was not acting like himself.

His typically sharp, quick response and story telling personality was nowhere to be found. Instead, his sentences were drawn out, off-topic and his answers to my questions made no sense. I quickly assessed him for stroke symptoms, then contacted his Assisted Living Facility (ALF). They took note of my concerns
and arranged for a staff member to visit with him. 

Even though it was Saturday, my next immediate course of action was to send an urgent message to his provider. I then reached back out to the ALF who informed me that after checking on him, he was found “sulking in bed”. I re-iterated my concern with his behavior and was told they would get the ALF director to step in. Within the hour, the provider and ALF had connected and realized my patient needed urgent care. He was sent to the ER and is currently there after three weeks following the incident. I’m really hoping he’s okay.

We can’t always call at just the right time, but having our monthly calls makes it more likely someone
will be there for our patients in a time of need.

– Noel M.

I spoke with my patient last month about his UTI and other stomach ailments he had been experiencing.

Only to discover he hadn’t received his antibiotics for the UTI, and had tried OTC remedies for his stomach issues which didn’t work.

I followed up with his physician’s office to notify them and they graciously re-sent his prescription, also writing one to take care of the stomach issues he had been experiencing. My patient was so pleased to not only receive his prescriptions, but to have been taken care of without needing to go into the office.

– Sharon

Today, I had a pleasant conversation on my monthly check in with my patient at Community Medical Group!

We discussed his health concerns and I shared some tips with him for following his diet in compliance with his prescriptions.

When he expressed he’d been feeling sad from how Covid has changed his life, I listened, and with words of encouragement, I offered setting up a depression screening for him. By the end of the call my patient admitted relief and a shift in his mood. He told me how happy the call and the ability to speak to another person made him feel.

He thanked me for the monthly calls and said he felt better knowing that he can count on his monthly calls with CCM.

– Irene

I contacted my patient who is suffering from depression as a result of her and her husband’s multiple chronic conditions.

We completed a depression screening and discussed all of her possible options from restarting her therapy sessions and depression medication, to exploring alternative medications and therapies.

She stated that her provider had spoken with her about this, too. She also mentioned that after speaking with me, she felt that it would be a good idea to try a new therapist and possibly start a medication regimen to help her with this. Once we worked through new options, I had advised talking with her children regarding some of the burdens she was dealing with at her last visit and to see if they could offer any help. She stated that she spoke with her son and he was coming in to help both his parents for a week to see what he could do to lessen her burden at this time. She appreciated my listening and offering advice.

Talking things out with me seemed to have eased some of her worries and this comforted both of us. I’m excited to reconnect with her on our next call!

– Lorrie

I had the pleasure of speaking with my patient at Community Medical Group several times this week.

He expressed receiving a notice from ADT to return his life alert unit because it is not medically necessary along with a penalty charge of $250, if he didn’t return the device within 60 days.

I was shocked at learning this, as this gentleman has had several falls recently and is a very high risk falls patient that lives alone. I advised his provider for them to intercede with a letter of medical necessity to the company so he may keep this device.

When I followed up with him, he was extremely thankful. He then said, “you’ve calmed my nerves tremendously.” This brought a smile to my face knowing he didn’t have to worry about this any longer.

– Sharon

I just had a wonderful call with a patient from Community Medical Group.

She has decided to switch providers to a family doctor her husband goes to. On our call, she made it a point to express her gratitude to us for our part in the services that were provided to her through this practice (CMG).

“You are the absolute sweetest people”, she complimented. We made her feel very special and could tell how much we all cared about her every time we called, she expressed.

Her excitement and appreciation lifted my day tremendously. It feels wonderful knowing I’ve helped such a sweet woman! She reminded me of why I’m so proud of my work.

– Sharon