comprehensive medical group

I had spoken to the patient last month and she stated that she was very frustrated because she was trying to get a refill on her inhaler and she hadn’t been able to get through to the provider’s office.

I called and spoke to the medical assistant and also sent a communication. When I spoke to the medical assistant to the provider, she said she would send in the prescription to the pharmacy right away. I relayed this information to the patient and she thanked me. I told her if there was still any issues to let me know.

This month when I called her I asked if she was able to pick that medication up after all and she stated she did. She also thanked me for helping her out with that and stated she was grateful that she was able to get that medication filled. The patient genuinely appreciated the help she received from our service.

– Chantel

On November 20th, a patient alerted her Care Coordinator, Jessica Andrade, that she was experiencing a dry cough and some congestion.

The patient informed Jessica that, in the past, her provider had prescribed her amoxicillin 500mg when these symptoms presented themselves and that she has called in to request an appointment with her provider.
When requesting the appointment, the patient was told that her provider did not have availibilty until December 15th.

Jessica checked the patient’s EMR and noticed that the patient did not have any appointments scheduled, so she scheduled an appointment for December 21st. The patient, still experiencing symptoms, requested an more immediate appointment.

Jessica re-entered the patient’s EMR, only to find that the provider’s office had called the patient with an appointment for that day, November 20th. Jessica informed the patient of the change, who was very happy with Jessica’s vigilance and willingness to stay in communication with her provider.

A couple weeks after having done our monthly call, Margarita called me to ask for my help in getting more diabetic test strips.

Her pharmacy told her that several attempts were made to send a refill request to the office but they had not received a response and now she was completely out. I called the office and spoke to the doctor’s medical assistant who stated that nothing was received but she would send the refill over that same day. The pharmacy received the request and informed Margarita that they had the wrong fax number all along and another form needed to be filled out by the provider’s office before she could fill the test strips. She agreed that she’d bring the form in to be filled out and take it to the pharmacy, but they then informed her that she wasn’t due for a refill on her test strips for several days.

Margarita expressed to me that she didn’t know what to do because they were too expensive to purchase without her insurance helping out. I called the office and spoke to the medical assistant to the provider. She stated that unfortunately there was nothing they could do if the insurance deemed it too soon to be refilled. However, they were going to send the approval for a refill to the pharmacy. When following up with the patient, I was glad to find out that her test strips were approved and she was able to pick them up.

– Paola

I spoke with Joanne today, a patient who was audibly upset.

She mentioned having an injury associated with a fall and that the person she spoke with didn’t make her feel at ease and hadn’t handled the situation in a way she would have liked. Joanne called to report her fall and they could not help with getting her an appointment sooner.

She expressed just wanting someone to take it more seriously and to show that they cared about what happened to her. I spent my time talking with her and assuring her that I would do what I could to ensure her MD was aware of what happened. I also made sure to call the office and change the Telehealth visit to an in-office visit. Her MD could now examine and assess her injuries properly. She was so happy to have that done, and was thankful that I called.

These patients simply want it to be known that we care, and we are here for them. I was more than happy to assist and lend an open ear.

– Lily

I spoke with my patient for over 20 minutes about his medical conditions and his trying natural remedies.

Towards the end of the call, my patient expressed how thankful he was that I just listened to him without judgment or negativity. I was pleased to see that my call made my patient’s day!

I feel very proud to know that I’m making a difference in his life by calling him regularly, and that listening to him, especially now, during the pandemic when so many are feeling alone and forgotten.

– Paola

When I tried contacting my patient, her son, Robert relayed that his brother’s family likely contracted Covid-19 after his nephew tested positive.

Unfortunately, that includes Robert’s mom (my patient). Robert was most concerned about his mom refusing to eat and her loss of appetite for over a week.

He added, she’s been very depressed and having lots of anxiety, resulting in her lack of interest for her usual activities and has been sleeping more than usual. He mentioned getting in contact with his mom’s doctor, but was unsuccessful at reaching him. After going over Robert’s concerns about his mom’s health and symptoms, he requested oxygen and fluids to help his mom regain strength.

I took notes of his assessment and assured him to do my best securing an appointment for his mom with her provider, Dr. Patel. I contacted the office and was able to get my patient scheduled with her doctor on July 9, 2020.

I plan to follow up with her or Robert once a week to monitor and lend and assistance the family may need.

– Jessica