I love talking to my patients and getting to know them!

I love talking to my patients and getting to know them! They’ve been a source of inspiration for me in demonstrating how resilient the human spirit is, even in times of desperation, need of care, and in the throes of trauma. I love every second of every day I’m interacting with my patients and I hope they feel seen and cared for each time we have an interaction. I feel honored to step in when they need the assistance most and can share their vulnerable moments with me.

I even struck an extra touch of luck, when one day my patient shared with me her homemade chocolate sauce recipe; it’s the best chocolate sauce I’ve ever had!

– Candice

On a follow up call last week, my patient expressed feeling severely depressed.

 He was so low, he admitted to having thoughts of suicide. Hearing how critical his situation was, I contacted a Physician’s Assistant and made an appointment for him while he was on the phone with me.

I was notified that he completed his visit and was prescribed an anti-depressant with a follow up plan. The Physician’s Assistant included a no-harm contract that the patient committed to. I’m so grateful my patient trusted me enough to express openly how he had been feeling and allowed me the opportunity to intervene with proper help. I hope this new care plan suits his needs and puts him on the mend soon!

– Brandi

Natasha called her patient who was recovering from detached retina surgery.

Her out-patient recovery plan noted she was to lay flat for 9 days before her next appointment. On the phone with Natasha, the patient began crying because she had been feeling lonely as no one is allowed to check in. She even expressed her grief for her dying son-in-law and how hard times are right now. Before Natasha concluded her call, she asked her patient if she can call back sooner than their next scheduled call to check in on her.

The patient was so overcome with emotion and happy for the level of care that Natasha offered and made plans to speak in a couple days.

– Katy