success stories

It truly brings me such joy that I get to help people everyday, but every time I hear how much a simple conversation means to them, I melt. Can’t wait for our next call!

We can’t always call at just the right time, but having our monthly calls makes it more likely someone
will be there for our patients in a time of need.

She also thanked me for helping her out with that and stated she was grateful that she was able to get that medication filled. The patient genuinely appreciated the help she received from our service.

He doesn’t really talk to anyone and it was nice to have someone to talk to who cared. He thanked me and told me how much he appreciated me calling to check in on him.

Sometimes these small tasks make a world of difference and makes me enjoy the help I’m able to provide to my patients.

Upon learning of my efforts and discovery, my patient, crying tears of joy, expressed her utmost gratitude, as she had been trying to get this situation resolved on her own and having no success.

I’m always happy to know I’ve helped patients manage their care with this program. The cherry on top is knowing that my conversation and taking the time to listen to them, possibly means just as much and sometimes more.

The patient reported that she was very happy Monique had gotten her the medical attention she needed. The patient was very grateful and thanked Monique for her continued assistance throughout the process.

A week later, the patient reported to Jermerne that she had started a new prescription that made her feel “better and brighter” in mood and able to go to work and appointments without issue.

Becky would ask about her and make jokes to the patient about how talking to her granddaughter was the highlight of Becky’s week. Soon, the patient was less reluctant to discuss her RPM equipment with Becky and began to use it sproadically.

I’m so happy I could help resolve this issue for my patient. He should not have to take on this kind of stress after a serious surgery.

This week, one of my patients called me and my colleagues “true patriots” for the services we provide.

Toni researched psychiatric facilities close to the family and was able to provide the daughter with two locations in their area. After a week of uncertainty, the daughter was relieved and thankful for the help.

As we were ending the call, he told me that he was really glad I had called him today. It really cheered him up and he was very happy to have someone to talk to.

This may not seem like much to some people, but it meant the world to me. To think every time, they have a hot meal, they will be thinking of me and what we do here as a company, is the best feeling in the world.