clinical staff support services

Cosán can enable turnkey care management operations within your practice to support care gaps, as an extension to your existing clinical support team, or as a way to augment existing practice environments to drive patient engagement, quality measures and practice revenue. Cosán care management teams are a direct extension of your practice and providers.

engage patients

Actively engage patient to monitor quality measures, increase patient adoption of care plan objectives and triage high risk patients through increased scheduling, tele-health or in practice visits and chronic condition management across numerous touch points.

review medical records

Ongoing review and updates of medical records to identify and inform of changes in condition, movement status for evidence-based risk assessment scores, changes in health status including medications, falls, hospitalizations, and specialist visits. All providing physicians with visibility into the gaps of care between office or tele-health visits.

update care plan

Ongoing review and update to the patient-centered care plan is completed. Alignment between the patient’s health goals and their provider’s treatment goals will be established.

communicate needs

As risk is identified, the Chronic Care Coordinator plays an integral role. They connect patients with their providers for appropriate consultation and give patients the accompanying resources.

preventative services
tool suite

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a Medicare program to improve patient health outcomes through increased oversight, communication and collaboration between physician appointments.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is technology which enables monitoring of a patient’s vitals (example: blood pressure, weight) outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home.

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) is an effective strategy for improving outcomes through support services for the individuals with mental or behavioral health conditions.

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