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Are you looking for ways to increase revenue? Do so using existing billing codes for Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Are you reviewing methods to deliver remote clinical staff augmentation? You can with a suite of preventative programs to add remote staff, or contract existing staff to reduce labor cost while maintaining patient continuity. No investment, No risk, and Immediate engagement.

Do you have patients who are unable to visit your office for care, or who would benefit from consistent outreach? Avoiding or delaying office visits may compromise the management of your patient’s chronic conditions, creating the need for additional support and alternative methods of care. Preventative services help maintain patient engagement between office or tele-health visits by the provider.

The preventative care service suite incorporates a clinical staff, consisting of MA, LPN, RN, NP, and APRN team members, who will meet and collaborate with the practice in delivering care, at the direction of the practice. You have absolute control over the care your patients receive, as well as the billing associated to these services. By proactively addressing care through standard patient outreach, care plan management, tele-health visits and aggregation of relevant patient health data, a bridge between the practice and the patient’s home environment is built during the gaps of care. Remote access into Cosán allows the care team to keep relevant patient data flowing and updated in the patient chart.

preventative services tool suite

1) Chronic Care Management (CCM)
CCM Services – Patient Check-In, Medication Management, Care Plan Compliance.
Supporting CPT 99490 and G 2058 at 40 minutes and 60 minutes.

2) Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Devices, Training and Monitoring for RPM. BP Cuff, Weight Scales, Pulse Ox and other devices.
Supporting CPT 99453, 99454 and 99457.

3) Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)
Additional levels of support for those older adults isolated in home with mental health conditions.
Supporting CPT 99484.

benefits to your patients and practice

1) Enhanced care, additional clinical resources and timely communication for your patients.
2) Continuity of patient care, comprehensive documentation of all interactions with your patients.
3) Increased revenue generated by preventive care services in addition to your in-office, or tele-health visits.