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pathways to modern aging

health education: healthy eating is a public health problem

The United States is one of the most obese countries in the world. Over 30% of the US adult population is considered to be obese, with more than 40% of adults over 60 falling into the category. A great range of body compositions fall into the obese category, meaning that not everyone classified as obese…
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common types of breast cancer and their symptoms

Common Types of Breast Cancer and Their Symptoms Breast cancer is a cancer that develops in the breast cells, causing those cells to multiple uncontrollably. Although it predominantly affects women, breast cancer can also occur in men. The common symptoms of breast cancer are: New lump(s) in the breast or underarm Irregular nipple discharge, including…
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webinar on virtual care services: humanizing healthcare in the virtual age

The intersection of home care medicine, data, and patient engagement to support outcomes and practice revenue. Presented by Cosán Group and American Academy of Home Care Medicie (AAHCM), this webinar features: David Hunt, Founder, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Cosán Group Dr. Kenneth Giacobbo, Founder, Home Visit Physicians and AAHCM member Laurie Grissman McCuen,…
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changing the way we think about fall prevention

For many older adults and their healthcare providers, falls are something to be prepared for, rather than avoided. According to the CDC, falls affect over 25% of the elderly American each year, and can often lead to further hospitalizations and other injuries. However, despite this high rate of occurrence, many medical professionals and trailblazers believe…
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