a time for connection

pathways to modern aging

a time for connection

Written by David Hunt

If summer is our time for relaxation and adventure, then fall is the time for reflection and gratitude. Maybe it’s the New Englander in me, but I’ve always enjoyed the turn of the leaves because it signifies friends, families, and communities drawing closer together. It’s a busy time, to be sure, with school, work volume, and obligations essentially tripling after the lull of our summer vacations.

This change in seasons is a constant. We know it’s coming, we can plan for it, and yet the temperature, winds, or an early winter frost can alter the timing of the transition. Aging is very similar; we can’t stop it, it shows up each year in a slightly different form, and while sometimes we are vibrant, other times mother nature gets the better of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated these transitions for all of us and it has had a significant effect on the oldest members of our population. It has also exposed gaps in the healthcare delivery models that we use to care for older adults.

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