4 Gift Ideas for the Remote Healthcare Professional in Your Life

4 Gift Ideas for the Remote Healthcare Professional in Your Life

The holidays are fast approaching! Those of us with family members or friends who’ve made the transition to remote work may be struggling to think up practical, useful gifts for their loved ones, especially if those loved ones are healthcare professionals, who deserve the world after seeing us through the worst 2021 had to offer.

Don’t worry! Here are four gift ideas for the remote healthcare professional in your life:

Smartwatch or Activity Tracker

While many healthcare professionals likely have a smartwatch or activity tracker already, it can be a excellent tool for connecting with patients using remote patient monitoring technology. Care providers can use their own activity trackers an example to ease apprehension or tackle disinterest   with patients using vital tracking technology. If your giftee is in the market for a new piece of wristwear, an activity tracker could benefit them in more ways than one!

High-Tech or Low-Tech Massage Ball

Long days sitting at a desk or constantly on your feet take a toll on everybody. Help your healthcare professional ease the tough knots and sore spots with a massage ball like the Hypersphere Mini. Or, for the low-tech individual in your life, a six-pack of lacrosse balls will do the trick.

Hand-poured Candles

Candle-loving remote workers have definitely burned through their supplies over the past few months. Try a custom-made, 100% soy candle to give their mood a boost on a cold day. For unique and hand-poured scents, check out Florida-based Vespertine Studio on Etsy.

Fleece-lined Clog

Regardless of whether your giftee fully remote or making a few trips to the office each week, a fleece-lined clog can help keep them warm on the walk to the kitchen or the breakroom. And if they already own a pair of work clogs, the Healthcare Heroes Jibbitz pack makes a great stocking stuffer.

Happy Holidays from the Cosán Team!

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